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Indicative list of testing for Swimming pools, sea water and recreational water:

Swimming pools, sea water and recreational water


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pH, EC, alkalinity, Fe, Mn, Total plate count 22C & 37C, E.coli, total coliforms, enterococci, Cl total, Cl free P07/F3 See below  

pH Μ01/F3 APHA 4500  

Conductivity   Μ02/F3 APHA 2510   

Total dissolved solids M33/F3 APHA 2540C  

Hardness total M03/F3 ELOT 170  

Calcium M04/F3 APHA 3500  

Magnesium M04/F3 APHA 3500  

Chlorides M05/F3 APHA 3500  

Alkalinity total M06/F3 APHA 2320   

Alkalinity phenolpthaleine M06/F3 APHA 2320  

Nitrates  M07/F3 APHA 4500  

Nitrites  M08/F3 APHA 4500  

Ammoniα  M09/F3 APHA 4500  

Phosphorus total M10/F3 APHA 3500  

Color M15/F3 ΑPHA 3500   

Turbifity Μ16/F3 APHA 2130  

Chlorine residual Μ19/F3 APHA 4500  

Chlorine free M40/F3 APHA 4500  

ω Fe  Μ22/F3 ISO 8288  

Manganese Mn Μ22/F3 ISO 8288  

Copper Cu Μ22/F3 ISO 8288  

Oil and grease M08/F4 APHA 5520  

Surfactants anionic as MBAS M11/F4 APHA 5540C  

Cyanuric acid M41/F3 In house method  

Bromine Br Μ23/F3 APHA 4500  

Oxidation - reduction potential M28/F3 APHA 2580  

Total Plate Count 220C (ΟΜΧ) M51/F3 ISO 6222  

Διαπιστευση ΕΣΥΔ

Total Plate Count 370C (ΟΜΧ) M52/F3 ISO 6222  

Διαπιστευση ΕΣΥΔ

Total coliforms  M53/F3 ISO 9308-1  

Διαπιστευση ΕΣΥΔ

Escherichia coli   M54/F3 ISO 9308-1  

Διαπιστευση ΕΣΥΔ

Enterococci M55/F3 ISO 7899-2  

Διαπιστευση ΕΣΥΔ

Legionella M56/F3 ISO 11731  

Clostridium perfringens M57/F3 ISO 14189  

Sulfite-reducing anaerobes (clostridia) M58/F3 ISO 6461-2  

Pseuodomonas aeruginosa M59/F3 ISO 16266  



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