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Fertilizers are divided into two main categories: Fertilizers that are in accordance with Union legislation (Reg. 2003/2003 / EC as in force) and which are classified as "EC Fertilizers" and fertilizers that contain nutrients and / or micronutrients in sufficient quantity and possibly substances of plant or animal origin, which may be marketed in Greece after approval by the Ministry of Rural Development and are characterized as "New Type Fertilizers".

A fertilizer to be classified as "New Type Fertilizer" must have at least 3% w / w one of the major components N, P (as P 2 O 5), K (K 2 O), Ca (CaO), and / or 2% w / w Mg (MgO), S (SO 3) and / or sum of trace elements Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, B greater than 1000mg / kg.

HELLASCHEM is the only company in Greece that fully supports the fertilizer sector thanks to:

  • In the experience of its staff who have worked in the field of fertilizer production and research
  • In her long-term involvement with new type fertilizer files (since 2006)
  • In the excellent knowledge of the legislation for fertilizers & chemicals
  • In the knowledge of fertilizer chemistry, and not in the simple use of software for the issuance of DDA or product classification
  • Excellent knowledge of analytical chemistry and fertilizer analysis to support companies even in arbitration (appeal examination)
  • In the accreditation of HELLASCHEM laboratory in fertilizers
  • In its participation in 6 inter-lab every year at European level for the quality control of laboratory services

HELLASCHEM fully undertakes the entire process of preparation and monitoring of files for the "New Type Fertilizers" until the issuance of the registration number for their legal distribution in the Greek market. It is noted that in many exports the marketing authorization of New Type fertilizers is requested.


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