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Indicative list of testing for Feed :



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Protein, fat, fibre, ash, moisture P01/F8 see below  

Protein, fat, fibre, ash, moisture, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, salmonella P03/F8 see below  

Protein, fat, fibre, ash, moisture, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, methionine, lysine, metabolized energy P04/F8 see below  

Vitamins: Α, D3, E, K3, B1, Β6, Β12, Pantothenic acid, Nicotinic acid, folic acid, viotin P05/F8 see below  

Micronutrients: Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Co, I, Se P06/F8 see below  

Homogeneity test & Cross condamination test P07/F8 see below  

Moisture - dry matter Μ01/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.A  

Ash   Μ02/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.M  

Protein crude Μ03/F8/ΑΜ In house method based on Reg. 152/2009/ΕC Annex  ΙΙΙ, meth. C & on ISO 1871  

Διαπιστευση ΕΣΥΔ

Sugar total Μ04/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.J  

Fibre crude Μ05/F8 Gerhardt Method  

Fats & oils crude Μ06/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.H  

Fatty acids profile (FAMEs) Μ07/F8 ISO 17764  

Sodium Μ08/F8 ISO 7485  

Potassium   Μ09/F8 ISO 7485  

Calcium   Μ10/F8 ISO 6869  

Phosphorus total M11/F8/AM ISO 6491  

Διαπιστευση ΕΣΥΔ

Iron Fe Μ12/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex IV, meth.C AAS

Copper Cu Μ12/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex IV, meth.C AAS

Manganese Mn Μ12/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex IV, meth.C AAS

Zinc Zn Μ12/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex IV, meth.C AAS

Ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid Μ13/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.N  

Boron Μ14/F8 In house method Spectrophotometer

Starch Μ15a/F8 Luff - Scoorl Titration

Starch Μ15b/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.I Polarimeter

Urea Μ16/F8 ISO  6654  

Urease activity Μ17/F8 FAO method 5.1 Potentiometer

Acid DetergentFibre (ADF) Μ18/F8 ISO 13906  

Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) Μ19/F8 ISO 13906  

Acid Detergent Lignin (ADL) Μ20/F8 ISO 13906  

HemiCellulose (HC) - Cellulose © Μ21/F8 ISO 13906  

Nitrogen-free Extractable Substances Μ22/F8 In house method  

Volatile nitrtogenous bases (TVBN) Μ23/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.E.II  

Ether extract Μ24/F8 In house method Soxhlet

Trypsin inhibitor activity of soya products Μ25/F8 ISO 14902  

KOH protein solubility Μ26/F8 In house method Kjeldhahl

Homogeneity test Μ27/F8 In house method  

Cross condamination test Μ28/F8 In house method  

Protein Dispersibility Index (PDI) Μ29/F8 In house method Kjeldhahl

Energy value of poultryfeed Μ30/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex VII  

Iodide I Μ31/F8 In house method Titration

Ammonium nitrogen Μ32/F8 In house method Titration

pH Μ33/F8 In house method pH-meter

Metabolisable Energy Μ34/F8 In house method  

Volatile components Μ35/F8 In house method  

Digestibility Μ36/F8 In house method  

Reducing sugars Μ37/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.J  

Sugar profile (sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose) Μ38/F8 In house method HPLC/RI

Lactose Μ39/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.K  

Carbonates Μ40/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.O  

Chlorine - chlorides(Cl) Μ41/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.Q  

Pesticides residues Μ42/F8 ISO 14181 & ISO 14182  

Aflatoxin Β1 (& Β2, G1, G2) Μ43/F8 ISO 14718  

Ochratoxin  Μ44/F8 In house method HPLC/FLD

Deoxynivalenol (DON) Μ45/F8 In house method ELISA

Zearalenone (ΖΕΝ) Μ46/F8 ISO 17372  

Aflatoxin Μ1 milk powder / milk Μ47/F8 In house method HPLC/FLD

Dioxin like PCBs (PCB  28, 52, 101, 138, 153, 180) Μ48/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex V, meth.B  

Selenium (Se) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Molybdenum (Mo) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Cobalt (Co) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Lead (Pb) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Cadmium (Cd) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Νικέλιο (Ni) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Chrome (Cr) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Aluminum (Al) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Arsenic (As) Μ49/F8 In house method AAS

Mercury (Hg) Μ50/F8 In house method AAS

Antibiotic residues Μ51/F8 In house method LS/MS-MS

Nitrogen soluble (in pepsin acid solution) M52/F8 ISO 6655  

Amino acids free (except tryptophane) M53/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.F  

Amino acids total (except tryptophane) M54/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.F  

Water soluble vitamins M55/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Fatty soluble vitamins M56/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Vitamin Α Μ57/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex IV, meth.A  

Vitamin Ε Μ58/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex IV, meth.B  

Water soluble carbohydrates Μ59/F8 In house method  

Dimethylamine (DMA) Μ60/F8 In house method Titrimetry 

Trimethylamine (ΤΜΑ) Μ61/F8 In house method  

Lactic acid Μ62/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Acetic acid Μ63/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Butyric acid Μ64/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Formic acid Μ65/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Propionic acid Μ66/F8 In house method GC/FID

Sorbic acid Μ67/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Benzoic acid Μ68/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Ascorbic acid Μ69/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Citric acid Μ70/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Nitrate Μ71/F8 In house method Spectrophotometer

Nitrite Μ72/F8 In house method Spectrophotometer

Gossypol free Μ73/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex V, meth.A  

Gossypol total Μ73/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex V, meth.A  

Taurine Μ74/F8 AOAC 999.12  

Omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids Μ75/F8 In house method GC/FID

Peroxide value Μ76/F8 In house method Titration

Thiobarbituric acid (TBA) Μ77/F8 In house method Spectrophotometer

Theobromine Μ78/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Melamine Μ79/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Histamine Μ80/F8 In house method HPLC/UV

Lysine available Μ81/F8 ISO 5510  

Methionine Μ82/F8 In house method Spectrophotometer

Tryptophan Μ83/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex III, meth.G  

Soy GMO testing Μ84/F8 In house method PCR/ RT-PCR

Maize GMO testing Μ85/F8 In house method PCR/ RT-PCR

Acidity (expressed in citric acid) Μ86/F8 In house method Titration

Artificial colorants detection M87/F8 In house method  

Meat species detection in feed M88/F8 In house method RT-PCR

Animal origin constituents (detection - determination) M89/F8 Reg. 152/2009/EC Annex VI  

Sulphur M90/F8 In house method  

Fluorine M91/F8 In house method  

Bulk density M92/F8 In house method  

Particle size analysis (granulometry) M93/F8 In house method Sieves

Water activity aw M94/F8 In house method  


 Animal feeding stuffs microbiology testing


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Salmonella spp detection Μ01/F1Y2 ISO 6579-1  

Bacillus cereus Μ11/F1Y2 ISO 7932  

Anaerobic Sulfite Reducing clostridia Μ12/F1Y2 ISO 15213   

Lactic acid bacteria Μ13/F1Y2 ISO 15214   

Salmonella spp detection M16/F1Y2 ISO 6579-2  

Salmonella spp serotyping M17/F1Y2 ISO 6579-3  

Hepatitis A virus and norovirus detection M20/F1Y2 ISO 15216-2  

hepatitis A virus and norovirus quantification M21/F1Y2 ISO 15216-1  

Escherichia coli O157 detection M22/F1Y2 ISO 16654  

Bacillus cereus  (low numbers) M24/F1Y2 ISO 21871  

Yeasts and moulds (aw>0,95) Μ06/F1Y2 ISO 21528-1  

Yeasts and moulds (aw≤0,95) Μ07/F1Y2 ISO 21528-2  



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